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The way to Clear a Solid Iron Skillet

At our home, we love cooking in our massive forged iron skillet. I believed I’d share the way to simply clear a forged iron skillet, though this is applicable to any form of forged iron pan.

I hear lots of people are hesitant to make use of forged iron when cooking as a result of they don’t know the way to clear it, or they’re afraid or ruining it. Hopefully, I can shed some mild on these considerations because it’s really REALLY simple to scrub forged iron.

And it’s fairly indestructible, so it should possible final for much longer than any non-stick pan with only a few easy suggestions.

Do it’s a must to clear forged iron after each use?

No. This can be a considerably private choice, however we solely clear our forged iron skillet a pair instances a month on the most. And we prepare dinner with it at the very least just a few instances each week.

The little bits of cooked meals that construct up on the pan between, as long as it’s not extreme, really provides to the flavour and texture of meals we make.

We principally make stir fry in our pan, issues like shrimp, hen, greens, rice, and savory seasoning and sauces that you simply may count on in a stir fry.

If we prepare dinner one thing with a really completely different taste profile, we might possible go forward and provides our skillet a superb wash earlier than and/or after.

The way to clear forged iron skillet:

  • Scrub off any thick residue
  • Rinse and dry
  • Rub with oil

Extra Ideas:

  • Don’t put forged iron within the dishwasher
  • Don’t use cleaning soap ever (it’s not mandatory)
  • In the event you (or your companion/roommate) neglect and use cleaning soap or put it the dishwasher simply rinse properly, after which season the forged iron once more such as you did whenever you purchased it. Some come pre-seasoned, too.
  • In case your forged iron rusts, simply scrub/rinse the rust off and rub with oil. It’s not ruined!

Scrub away any thick residue. That is possible cooked meals bits from earlier meals, nevertheless it is also dried sauces, gravies, and so forth. All you want is scorching water and a scrubbing brush (no cleaning soap) to do that.

In the event you discover it tough to take away, you possibly can go away water within the pan in a single day to melt the particles. This could barely rust the pan, however simply scrub that away with the residue and it’s tremendous.

One other factor you possibly can attempt for tremendous cussed bits is so as to add boiling water within the pan to loosen issues.

Rinse the skillet properly, after which pat dry with a clear kitchen towel or paper towel. You don’t need to go away water droplets as it could possibly rust the pan (which doesn’t smash it, however you’ll have to clear it once more).

I’ve one kitchen towel I exploit for this job because it will get fairly dingy, even after washing the towel. So, don’t use any fancy kitchen towels you want to make use of for decor or serving. This job is on your can-get-stained-forever kitchen towels solely.

Rub the forged iron skillet with oil as soon as it’s dry. I sometimes use olive oil because it’s what we normally prepare dinner with, however any food-safe cooking oil is okay to make use of. This may hold your forged iron skillet trying like new.

Once more, a can-get-messy kitchen towel or paper towel is finest right here, too.

Are you able to smash a forged iron pan?

Sure, however provided that you break them or severely scratch them. In any other case, it’s only a matter of cleansing (and if wanted, re-seasoning them) if they’ve been washed in cleaning soap.

So, so long as you don’t break the pan (which is difficult to do), it should final you for a few years with heavy use. Forged iron skillets are a really secure and economical pan for cooking. We love ours!



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