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The Iconic Guitar Gear of Jeff Beck

Credit score: Invoice O’Leary

Writer Greg Prato shares a piece of his ebook “Iconic Guitar Gear” highlighting the guitars, amps and pedals that fueled Jeff Beck’s propulsive and revolutionary sound.

Scant few veteran rock guitarists have been in a position to maintain their technical talent as much as snuff and efficiently traverse by way of musical traits coming and going over the course of a number of many years. Jeff Beck is definitely one of many fortunate few to have pulled off this spectacular feat – and within the course of, explored blues/psychedelic pop (Yardbirds), helped create heavy metallic (the Jeff Beck Group’s Fact and Beck-Ola), and fused collectively jazz and rock (Blow by Blow and Wired). Right here, Beck skilled Wolf Marshall takes us on a guided tour by way of many of the makes and fashions of guitars, amps, and results Jeff has performed. 

Fender Esquire, Fender Telecaster, Les Paul Commonplace, Fender Stratocaster, “Seymour Duncan” Les Paul, Jackson Soloist, Gretsch Duo Jet; Vox AC30, Marshall, Sound Metropolis, Fender Tremendous Champ amps + results

Jeff within the Yardbirds – the early Yardbirds, after he took over for Eric Clapton – he was seen with the Fender Esquire. Like, a classic black guard kind – that might have come out within the ’50s. And it was a maple fingerboard – so that’s in line with ’50s, in ’59 and the ’60s on, they made lots of Telecasters with rosewood fingerboards. And so they modified the pickguard to white – sure beauty issues. I consider you possibly can see that guitar on the quilt of the American model of the album Having a Rave-Up with the Yardbirds – the place they present them with their devices on the quilt. I consider he additionally had a Telecaster, after which he alternated between these two guitars. Esquires had been nonetheless fairly standard – their tone community was a bit totally different than a single pickup guitar.  

Vox amps – AC30’s. Which was the usual factor within the mid-60s. I consider he used these amps all the best way till he started experimenting with larger stacks. And that might have been within the later ’60s. And that is after I really noticed Jeff in individual for the primary time – in a gaggle that he had with Rod Stewart because the frontman. I consider it was ’68 and he was touring behind the album Fact – which is certainly one of my favourite albums of all-time. However it’s additionally the album on which he started to play the Les Paul guitar – the Les Paul Commonplace, severely. Like, that was his major guitar. And that is after I noticed him – it was a flame high Commonplace. 

I’ve precise footage – it was at a spot known as the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. I had a photographer with me who took a bunch of coloration footage of Jeff on stage. We had been proper within the entrance row. You possibly can see his amps – they’re huge Marshall 100-watts. Large stacks. And he used clearly a wah-wah pedal – which most likely in these days would have been a Vox wah-wah pedal. In a while, they made the CryBaby. However he used a Tonebender Fuzz Field, which really, he began utilizing fuzz bins again within the Yardbirds. I consider he used one made by Sound Metropolis – the Sound Metropolis Tonebender. I consider Jimmy Web page used that within the studio, as effectively. 

And also you hear totally different guitar tones on the Fact album – which can be associated in a method to the final interval of the Yardbirds, the place Jeff additionally did use with the Yardbirds a specific Les Paul. Not the one I noticed him with. The one with a black pickguard. These are the essential tones he used by way of the ’60s. After which when you take heed to the album, Beck-Ola – which was the follow-up to Fact – you hear that he’s clearly utilizing a Fender Stratocaster. That is immediately from the affect from Jimi Hendrix – he really stated that in a number of interviews. As a result of individuals had been contemplating Stratocasters again within the mid-60s – the Beatles used them for “Nowhere Man.” So, it wasn’t solely like Gretsches, Rickenbackers, and Les Pauls – they had been utilizing Strats. They simply tended not to consider them as a contemporary guitar, I assume – due to the Shadows. Ritchie Blackmore performed a 335 at the moment, and lots of various things had been occurring.

However he additionally alternated lots of Les Pauls – in addition to the Strat. The well-known Strat that has been stripped right down to the wooden – you possibly can see when he is taking part in with the band on Tough and Prepared. And there is TV performances of that – so you possibly can really see that guitar. And that is most likely the Strat that he had on Beck-Ola, and he simply stored taking part in it. I consider he performed it with Beck, Bogert & Appice, and I believe he performed it into his early section of fusion – when he began taking part in with individuals like Jan Hammer and doing Blow by Blow and that interval. Additionally, at that time, he had a sure Les Paul that was put collectively by Seymour Duncan – which seemed black, however it was really a darkish brown oxblood coloured Les Paul [spotted on the cover of Blow by Blow]. It is a conversion from an early ’50s mannequin – it isn’t a Commonplace – however it has humbucker pickups I consider, and Seymour Duncan did these. 

After which as you possibly can see from Wired, he had a distinct Strat – a white Strat. So, I believe he alternated between that stripped down one and the white Strat. And I do know that white Strats all the time appealed to…possibly it is Hendrix, however Jeff is utilizing one once more now. Once you view present movies of Jeff, you see him with a white Jeff Beck Strat. So, that Strat interval most likely goes again to 1969/’70. Plus, he generally used the Teles, as effectively – like when you have a look at the video for “Individuals Get Prepared,” it reveals him with a Tele. A transformed Tele…however it’s nonetheless a Tele. And I consider that was additionally a Seymour Duncan factor – he had one mannequin that had a humbucker in it. So, these are the three “streams” that he had. 

And you’ll simply have a look at totally different intervals and see that he often used a distinct guitar – like within the ’80s, he used a Jackson Soloist. A pink one and it has Tina Turner‘s title carved into it. I believe he used that on the session with Mick Jagger – She’s the Boss. I believe he used it within the interval for Rod Stewart’s Camouflage. I believe he used it as a stage guitar – as a result of it seemed cool. Aside from the Strats, Teles, and Les Pauls, I consider he often dabbled right here and there with these different guitars – however they had been by no means actually a everlasting factor. 

I believe someplace within the ’70s too, he began experimenting extra with amps. I believe there’s footage of him with Beck, Bogert & Appice utilizing a Sound Metropolis stack. Which is form of like a Marshall, in a manner. I do not assume he ever used Hiwatts or Orange stacks that some individuals had been utilizing – it was both Marshall or Sound Metropolis. And he additionally used smaller combo amps within the studio. I consider the amp that he used in addition to widespread combo Fenders like Bassmans and Tweeds…the Tweed Deluxe, all people used these little amps within the studio – Billy Gibbons, Joe Walsh. However I believe he had a specific Tremendous Champ that he used on Guitar Store. It is a excessive acquire Fender combo that they made briefly. I believe Paul Rivera designed it for Fender within the early ’80s. I keep in mind that it had a sure acquire sound that was very cool that lots of people preferred from a bit combo amp. It was only a totally different tone, and I believe Allan Holdsworth additionally raved about that amp – the Tremendous Champ. So, most likely by telling you that, everybody goes to begin going out and shopping for that, and it is going to be inconceivable to search out them on eBay anymore! 

And there is the factor that occurred when the Fender firm was led by Invoice Shultz. I used to be an endorsee of Fender precisely at the moment, so I labored with the Customized Store loads, and I noticed the beginnings of the Jeff Beck Signature Mannequin. I’ve two now – a surf inexperienced and a midnight purple. They’re great guitars. Jeff would not play them as a result of he solely likes single coils, they usually did have a humbucker within the again – two coils put collectively. So, I believe he needed to return to the straight single coils. However he had various totally different classic Strats that he simply pulled out throughout the making of Guitar Store, and different albums in that late ’80s interval. 

I do not assume he was utilizing the Les Paul a lot in that ’80s interval. However he did come again to it and another odd guitars within the 2000s. However he did play his Jeff Beck mannequin loads and held it in footage – however everytime you noticed him reside it was all the time that single coil surf inexperienced in that interval of after ’87. However one factor that he specified that was notably necessary in regards to the Jeff Beck mannequin – no matter what pickups it had – was the truth that it had the Wilkinson nut. That is actual necessary. On the album Guitar Store, there’s a tune known as “The place Have been You” – it is form of primarily based on a Bulgarian folks track, and he is bending loads with the vibrato bar. I do know when he was ready to file that monitor, he was ready for a specific guitar from the Fender Customized Store that had the Wilkinson nut, as a result of he stated the opposite guitars could not have the steady tuning bending notes like that. And he relied on it – as a result of he did so many bending notes and phrasing with the vibrato bar. 

I believe after the 12 months 2000, he did go to a Commonplace Jeff Beck mannequin with noiseless pickups. The present one he performs is the white one. As a result of I consider the one with humbuckers solely bought made till 2000. And when he was doing the tribute to Cliff Gallup, he performed the Gretsch Duo Jet. And the tribute to Les Paul, “How Excessive the Moon,” for that one track I noticed him pull out a Gibson ES-155. 

Greg Prato is a longtime AllMusic contributor, together with the same story detailing The Origin of the Striped Design of Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstrat. Iconic Guitar Gear is his thirty sixth ebook general.

Iconic Guitar Gear

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