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Residing with Wildlife: Raccoons – Ontario SPCA and Humane Society

In an effort to coexist with wildlife, take into account the large hardships these clever and interesting wild species encounter as a result of a lot of their habitat has been destroyed. Every year they’re compelled into nearer contact with people and should compete with us for meals, shelter and house. With a bit understanding, persistence and some precautions and customary sense steps, we are able to all benefit from the splendidly fascinating wild animals who share our backyards and cities.

Raccoons are recognized for his or her ‘bandit-masked’ face and ringed tail. They’re very adaptable and solely require meals, water and shelter to be happy. Whereas they’re nocturnal animals, they’re typically energetic within the daytime.


In rural areas raccoons sometimes use hole timber, stumps, logs, caves, vacant groundhog or fox burrows and buildings comparable to barns for dens. In cities raccoons might use chimneys, garages, sewers, attics, crawl areas, storm sewers, outbuildings, and underneath buildings as their den website.

Food plan

Raccoons are omnivores, that means they eat nearly any sort of meals merchandise, together with larvae and grubs that they dig up from lawns.


Raccoons mate throughout the late winter to early spring. Beginning normally happens in Might however can vary from March to September. The younger stay within the den for about eight weeks till they’re able to enterprise outdoors with their mom.

Frequent questions:

How can I do away with a raccoon in my attic/crawl house/underneath my deck?

If there are younger concerned, tolerance and persistence is our first suggestion. Younger usually are not in a position to enterprise outdoors the den till about eight weeks of age. It is extremely preferable for the younger to be cell earlier than making an attempt to exclude the raccoons. To exclude the raccoons place a battery-powered radio within the attic close to the den, tuned on an all-talk station at a reasonably loud quantity. Additionally, hold a battery-powered gentle on always shining in direction of the den as this may disturb the mom whereas she is attempting to relaxation. Making a number of journeys to the attic throughout the day when the mother is attempting to relaxation can disturb her and make her really feel insecure and encourage her to maneuver on to a brand new den. Keep away from direct contact with the raccoons as a result of this locations your self and wildlife in danger.

Throughout the usage of any deterrent methodology you want persistence, as it’s going to take a number of days for the raccoons to depart. The raccoon should discover a new, appropriate den website, and if there are younger concerned, it might take the mom a number of nights to relocate them. To find out if the raccoon(s) are gone place a chunk of plastic over the doorway/exit gap. If there are raccoons nonetheless residing within the house they are going to haven’t any downside tearing it down. Go away the plastic up for 2 to 3 nights, and if it isn’t torn down after that point, you possibly can take steps to completely seal the doorway/exit gap to make sure no different wildlife will transfer in

If there isn’t a younger concerned the ways described above might be put into motion instantly. A chemical/odour deterrent, comparable to coyote urine, can also be used on this case. As soon as the house owner believes the raccoons have left, a chunk of galvanized metal screening might be positioned over the doorway gap. Meals or flour might be positioned within the attic in order that solely animals within the attic can entry it. If there aren’t any footprints within the flour and the meals is untouched after three days you possibly can completely seal the doorway gap. If there are footprints, or the meals is gone, IMMEDIATELY open the doorway/exit gap.

I discovered orphaned raccoons. What ought to I do?

Younger raccoons are sometimes left alone whereas the mom searches for meals. Although the younger are alone doesn’t essentially imply that they’re orphaned. If the younger are within the den and seem wholesome then depart them, the mom will most probably return later. Preserve a watch on the den for the mom returning. Should you discover younger raccoons with no mom or den website current, place the younger raccoons in a field and hold it in a darkish, quiet place, such because the storage, till the night. Round this time place the field outdoors with the flaps folded over. Go away the field in a single day. Do NOT feed the younger raccoons. It is necessary that the younger are hungry in order that the mom hears their cries. Additionally, “human” meals could make younger raccoons sick. Examine the field within the morning. If the younger are nonetheless within the field take them to your native Ontario SPCA, affiliated Humane Society or licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Wild animals shouldn’t be raised as pets or stored in your house. It’s unlawful to maintain wild animals in your house or to offer take care of over 24 hours as they require skilled consideration. Sturdy indicators that younger raccoons could also be orphaned or injured embody if they’re introduced in by a household pet, are discovered shivering, have an apparent damaged limb or damage, or there are indicators of a lifeless grownup raccoon close to the nest.

I’ve seen a raccoon(s) throughout the day. Is one thing unsuitable with it (them)?

Raccoons are nocturnal however they’re sometimes energetic throughout the day, subsequently, when you see a raccoon throughout the day there isn’t a must panic. Nonetheless, if the raccoon seems sick, e.g. stumbling, strolling in circles, and so forth., name your native Ontario SPCA Department, affiliated Humane Society or a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Don’t try and deal with the animal.



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