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Rachael & Vilray share a mic — and a love of previous swing requirements : NPR


That is FRESH AIR. I am Sam Briger, sitting in right this moment for Terry Gross. The duo Rachael & Vilray have a brand new album known as “I Love A Love Track!” Listening to their music, you may suppose that they have been singing misplaced jazz and swing tunes from the ’30s and ’40s, however they’re principally singing new songs composed by Vilray. The New York Occasions calls their straightforward, swingy music, quote, “as cozy as it’s refined.” Rachael Worth can also be the lead singer of the soul-inspired rock band Lake Avenue Dive. I spoke with Rachael and Vilray early in 2020 about their self-titled debut. However earlier than we get to that dialog in live performance, let’s hear one among their new songs from the brand new album. This one is named “Is A Good Man Actual?”


RACHAEL AND VILRAY: (Singing) I’ve by no means identified one. What do they do? We have all heard the legends. However can they be true? My cousin’s finest pal’s boyfriend as soon as almost cooked a meal. So is an effective man actual? Does he attempt to keep in mind what his previous girl stated? When he sleeps in on Tuesdays, does he straighten the mattress? As soon as he is had three martinis, he’ll allow you to take the wheel. Oh, is an effective man actual?


BRIGER: Rachael & Vilray, welcome to FRESH AIR.

VILRAY: Thanks.

BRIGER: You guys are very beneficiant. You have been keen to carry out slightly bit for us right this moment. So I used to be questioning if you happen to may please begin with “Do Mates Fall In Love?”

RACHAEL PRICE: Positive can.


RACHAEL AND VILRAY: (Singing) Two associates, two hearts, too many nights to depend them. However tonight was one thing new, and I do know you felt it, too, after we fell into the eagerness of a kiss. Around the globe, we have shared these roads collectively. Each journey is grand if you’re holding my hand. Do associates fall in love like this? A glance that when was merely heat now blazes with an ardent want. A contact that when was only a contact burns hotter than a five-alarm fireplace. Oh, say you are mine for all our days to observe. What was harmless earlier than has develop into a grand amore. Do associates fall in love like this? (Whistling). A glance that when was merely heat now blazes with an ardent want. A contact that when was only a contact burns hotter than a five-alarm fireplace. Oh, say you are mine for all our days to observe. As associates we lived earlier than and can reside evermore, collectively two associates in love.

BRIGER: Oh, that was nice. Thanks a lot for doing that. That was “Do Mates Fall In Love?” by Rachael & Vilray from their debut album, which can also be known as “Rachael & Vilray.” What was the inspiration for that track?

VILRAY: You already know, it was truly a commissioned track.

BRIGER: Oh, actually?

VILRAY: Yeah. A girl wished to present a track as a gift to her husband-to-be, and in addition, she wished it to work as one thing for them to stroll down the aisle to. So, yeah, that was truly the second draft. She hated the primary model that we despatched her.

BRIGER: (Laughter) Why? What did not she like in regards to the first model?

VILRAY: The primary model acknowledged that unhappiness exists.


BRIGER: Individuals don’t desire that at a marriage.

VILRAY: And – yeah, they do not need that at a marriage. You already know, however that is form of what I like in a track. I wish to acknowledge that unhappiness exists in principally each track that I write.

BRIGER: Your voices mix so properly. Was that one thing that occurred straight away, or did you need to work on that?

PRICE: I believe it was fairly rapid. I imply, it is undoubtedly gotten so much higher. Our voices mix as a result of we perceive the type of music. And I believe we perceive the accent rather well, which is an enormous a part of it. In order that type of match collectively instantly. However simply two voices harmonizing properly collectively was actually difficult. I would say in all probability. I would say, in all probability, we performed quite a lot of gigs the place we sounded fairly out of tune…

VILRAY: (Laughter) Yeah.

PRICE: …Once we first began. And…

VILRAY: Additionally, Rachael’s an extremely sturdy singer, and even if you happen to like my singing, you would not name it sturdy. I believe that is what we have possibly talked the least about however realized essentially the most within the technique of singing with one another.

BRIGER: So did you need to inform Rachael to sing quieter, or did you need to step it up? Or – you already know.

PRICE: Pipe down, now.

BRIGER: (Laughter).

VILRAY: Yeah, I do not know. I believe we simply type of, like – we share a single microphone on stage.

BRIGER: Proper.

VILRAY: An previous ’30s RCA ribbon microphone. So you are able to do so much with dynamics. She will be able to proceed to be very highly effective however simply ease off slightly bit, and I can ease on.

BRIGER: You imply, like, truly step again from the microphone?

VILRAY: Precisely. Proper.

BRIGER: Yeah. And, Rachael, you stated you already know the accents of this music. Might you elaborate on that?

PRICE: Effectively, they did not – I imply, they did not speak the identical. And so they certain did not sing the identical all through. You already know, it modifications from decade to decade. And my guess is quite a lot of that has to do with how they have been being – how they have been like type of self-monitoring and the kind of microphone they have been utilizing. However, you already know, it embodies the sound of the music, simply type of the kind of accent. I do not actually know. It is such as you’d have to speak to anyone who’s like a musicologist. Possibly it needed to do with, like, mid-Atlantic or I do not actually know. Nevertheless it’s fairly totally different. And it could – I believe it could sound unusual if you happen to did not type of emulate the accent considerably if you have been singing this type of music.

VILRAY: I believe the one who epitomizes the accent finest is Johnny Mercer. I believe Johnny Mercer, like, actually understands the way to, like, write swinging lyrics after which ship them in a swinging approach. And definitely, once I’m writing, I am pondering so much about Johnny Mercer. I believe, like, one thing like “The Laundromat Swing,” which is one thing we try this I wrote, I used to be pondering of Johnny Mercer so much…

BRIGER: Oh, actually?

VILRAY: …After I was writing that track. Yeah.

BRIGER: Would you guys thoughts simply doing slightly tiny little bit of that track?

VILRAY: Positive.

RACHAEL AND VILRAY: (Singing) Drop your fortunate nickel down the cash slot. Then toss your soiled drawers the place it is piping sizzling. If you wish to take your child to the dancing spot, you have to do the laundromat swing. Each working fella on a Friday night time – about 20 after 5, they’s (ph) getting proper. If you are going to present the women you’s (ph) a real delight, you have to do the laundromat swing.

BRIGER: Yeah, that is an important track. And on the finish, you are – you type of try this double-time, too, which should be fairly onerous to do.

VILRAY: Yeah. I do not know we’d double-time that tempo. However…

PRICE: Yeah, relies on the place we begin.

VILRAY: Yeah, precisely.

BRIGER: Honest sufficient. Why do not we take a fast break right here? In case you’re simply becoming a member of us, my visitors are Rachael & Vilray. They’ve a brand new album. That is FRESH AIR.


BRIGER: In case you’re simply becoming a member of us, that is FRESH AIR. My visitors are Rachael & Vilray. They’ve an album of principally compositions by Vilray, though there’s a few covers on this, too. While you’re writing these songs, do you’ve gotten specific characters in minds or scenes that you just’re engaged on?

VILRAY: Effectively, like, “Deal with Me Higher” – I used to be eager about this right this moment – like, “Deal with Me Higher” I believe I used to be in all probability coming from a spot of Gershwin’s “Let’s Name The Entire Factor Off.”


VILRAY: Which is, you already know, a duet about how we – there is no motive for us to be collectively, however we’re, and, you already know, possibly we should not be. And by the top, they’ve form of come to this determination that they need to be. They’ll name the calling-off off. So I used to be form of attempting to write down one thing that would slot in that area in a musical. However as a result of it is not a musical, I get to, on the finish, form of go away the couple in precisely the identical pickle that they are in at first, which is to say that they actually don’t communicate the identical language.

BRIGER: Effectively, I am glad you introduced up “Deal with Me Higher” as a result of I used to be about to ask you to sing this track. Yeah, to me, this track appears like a mini screwball comedy.

VILRAY: Proper, precisely – however form of with out the completely satisfied ending. I imply, on the finish, the one factor they’ll agree on is the title of the Queen of Spain.


PRICE: Proper.

VILRAY: They have not determined that it is a practical relationship. I am unsure it’s.

BRIGER: Honest sufficient. Effectively, would you guys please play “Deal with Me Higher”?

VILRAY: Positive.

PRICE: You guess.

RACHAEL AND VILRAY: (Singing) Here is a young serenade. Oh, it is best to deal with me higher. Let’s hear the operetta full. Emeralds on the promenade. Oh, it is best to deal with me higher. These hardly even glitter, my candy. I by no means prize myself above no person else. However child thinks he is higher than me. I order a la carte, purchase her diamond coronary heart. And I look on, pretend a yawn. Kissing on the Caspian. Oh, it is best to deal with me higher. You did not pack a sweater for me.


RACHAEL AND VILRAY: (Singing) I purchase her caviar, however she throws out the jar. ‘Trigger it tastes slightly fishy to me. We go to 21, and in entrance of everybody… I spit out a Brussels sprout. Married by the Queen of Spain. Oh, it is best to deal with me higher. I am liable to overlook her first title. L-E-T-I-Z-I-A. (Imitating lisp) Do I pronounce that this-a-way? Letizia is the queen’s first title.

BRIGER: That is “Deal with Me Higher,” which is from Rachael & Vilray’s CD. And that was written by Vilray. That is only a great track. And I believe one of many issues that you just do, possibly, Vilray, if you’re writing these to present them a timeless high quality is to only type of keep away from possibly up to date references. Like, in none of those songs is there any point out of Twitter or, like, Fb. And also you’re – you convey up 21. You already know, you are type of placing it again in a older time interval.

VILRAY: Yeah. Effectively, 21’s nonetheless round.

BRIGER: It’s nonetheless round. However, yeah.

VILRAY: Who goes? I do not know.


VILRAY: No offense. Sure, I believe that is true. I attempt to preserve it in an area the place you possibly can relate. You already know, I believe if I wrote a track that was in regards to the swingin’ good time that was taking place at 21, we’d be veering into an odd area that was fully unrelatable to myself or anyone else. In order that’s not that interesting to me. However I believe there’s a timeless high quality to those previous requirements.

BRIGER: Rachael, it sounds such as you’ve been curious about singing jazz and swing because you have been 5. Like, you heard an Ella Fitzgerald report, and that actually type of set you in your approach. While you have been beginning out, have been you attempting to emulate sure features of various singers? Like, have been you learning their inflection? Was there anybody particularly that you just actually spent quite a lot of time listening to and attempting to sound like?

PRICE: 100%. I studied Ella Fitzgerald early, and I fully copied her, and so I realized the variations of her songs, like, from prime to backside, each single factor. There’s recordings once I’m, like, 10 doing that. And I – as soon as I did that, I form of went – I handled studying in that type. So I obtained to Sarah Vaughan, and I wished to sound identical to Sarah Vaughan. And I obtained to Peggy Lee and Doris Day, and I simply type of copied singers. And alongside the way in which, I spotted that this was truly a useful approach to study singing, is to only copy a singer. And there is a couple explanation why that works. I believe one of many essential causes is that I believe folks can sing higher initially in the event that they’re copying anyone as a result of they’re rather less involved – they’re rather less self-conscious.

BRIGER: How do you go from emulating folks to then discovering your individual voice?

PRICE: Simply quite a lot of work, and, yeah, I believe simply doing it so much and digging deep into your self and in addition stripping away. It is, like – I’ve performed quite a lot of, like, studying of ornamentation after which type of taking it again right down to the guts of it.

BRIGER: You are speaking about singing with type of extra decoration or, like, a extra stripped-down model. Might you give an instance of that, of every of these?

PRICE: Yeah, certain. I believe in all probability the best approach to simply shortly exhibit that’s simply type of a talkative kind of phrasing, extra conversational versus, you already know, longer-held notes. So I will use “All Of Me” as a result of it is a regular everyone is aware of. So you already know, extra ornamentation. (Singing) All of me. Why not take all of me? Cannot you see I am no good with out you? Take my lips.

One thing like that. After which extra conversational could be – (singing) all of me. Why not take all of me?

BRIGER: Proper. So like…

PRICE: (Singing) Cannot you see I am no good with out you?

Yeah, it is much more area.

BRIGER: Yeah. Within the first model, like, the – if you sing all, it is obtained, like, 15 syllables fairly than simply the…

PRICE: Yeah. Yeah, precisely.


PRICE: Yeah. I imply, each are enjoyable, however you do must do each. You’ll be able to’t do one on a regular basis.

BRIGER: Do you favor one over the opposite?

PRICE: I believe once I was youthful, I most well-liked the – you already know, the primary approach, simply type of, like – I’d all the time name it simply soaking in your individual sound.

BRIGER: (Laughter).

PRICE: Simply ruminating, marinating.

BRIGER: Simply having fun with your self a lot (laughter).

PRICE: Yeah. Yeah, precisely. However, you already know, if you happen to do one thing all the time, you do it not one of the time, which I believe is a very essential factor to recollect with singing.

BRIGER: That is fascinating. I have not had the pleasure to see you guys carry out in individual but, however I’ve watched a bunch of stuff on-line. And also you nearly all the time sing with this one microphone. And also you’re going through one another. So that you’re actually shut to one another. And also you’re trying extra at one another, fairly than going through out in the direction of the viewers. Why did you determine that that might be the way in which you’d carry out?

PRICE: We determined it principally by simply having this preliminary expertise. We performed a pair gigs early on. It was shortly after I requested Vilray if we may do that collectively, and I believe that we left these gigs feeling terrible. (Laughter) Like, we have been identical to, oh, God, that is a lot more durable than we thought it was going to be – to play music like this and actually, like, do it properly. I believe we type of thought it was going to return collectively slightly bit simpler. And one – I do not know why we did a gig the place we sang on the identical microphone, if that was, like, a acutely aware alternative or it was like, we – as a result of we have been enjoying at a bar that there was, like, no sound system. And we have been bringing every little thing in. So I form of suppose it was extra of an accident. However we ended up enjoying this one gig at this bar that does not have music anymore. Possibly it is not…

VILRAY: It would not exist anymore.

PRICE: Does not exist. Nice. It was known as Rye (ph). And we had this one microphone. And we regarded deep into one another’s eyes throughout that present. And afterwards, we form of checked out one another like this massive aha second, which was it was a lot simpler to sing these songs in concord collectively if we have been simply one another and, you already know, watching one another’s mouths. So yeah, it was intimate. And I believe that is what we have been lacking was intimacy, as a result of a duo is simply – I’ve by no means actually skilled something prefer it. Like, the primary handful of gigs – as a result of I used to be so used to having a band the place it is like, one individual makes a mistake. You simply transfer on. They do not – you do not discover nearly. They do not discover. You simply preserve going or no matter. However when it is simply two folks and there is one instrument, it is like…

VILRAY: Yeah, each mistake, you are, like, one another. Oh, my God.

PRICE: Yeah. Yeah. Or if, like, one individual is having a foul night time – and you may really feel that instantly. Like, you get off. And you are like, you had a horrible present. And so they’re like, yeah. And you are like, yeah, I felt that the entire time.


PRICE: Whereas in Lake Avenue Dive, like, I’d get off and be like, oh, my gosh, finest present ever. Did you guys have a lot enjoyable? And somebody could be like, that was terrible for me. And I used to be like, properly, I did not know.

BRIGER: Proper.

PRICE: In order that’s – you already know, you possibly can have totally different experiences, however you possibly can’t have a special expertise in a duo.

BRIGER: You guys are so shut to one another. As I stated, you are performing, like, you already know, simply on the opposite facet of a microphone. Are you guys ever frightened you are, like, getting your espresso breath throughout your companion? Or…

PRICE: Oh, now we have talked about hygiene.


PRICE: Dental hygiene has been, yeah, an enormous dialogue.

VILRAY: We used to truly brush our enamel earlier than each present. I do not…

PRICE: Collectively.

VILRAY: I do not know why we do not anymore.

PRICE: I do not suppose we stand as shut.

VILRAY: Sure, that is true.

PRICE: Yeah. I believe there was a time when breath was an actual concern. It was essential for us to chew some gum.

BRIGER: We had a a lot smaller microphone earlier than. And now we use an enormous one.

PRICE: Yeah.

BRIGER: So the – a bigger microphone blocks it slightly bit now (laughter)?

PRICE: Oh, yeah.

VILRAY: Yeah. Yeah. Large microphones make good neighbors.


BRIGER: We’re listening to the interview I recorded in 2020 with the music duo Rachel & Vilray. They will be again after a break. Their new album is named “I Love A Love Track!” Additionally, Maureen Corrigan opinions the brand new historic novel by Paul Harding, whose debut novel, “Tinker,” was a shock Pulitzer Prize winner. And Justin Chang opinions the brand new movie “Ladies Speaking” by actor-turned-director Sarah Polley. I am Sam Briger. And that is FRESH AIR.


RACHAEL AND VILRAY: (Singing) Any little time, may simply be standing in a line, however then I get to eager about the time if you liked me. And each little time, I’ll cry. I discover each set of eyes seems to be to the bottom or to the skies. A coronary heart can break at any little time. Any little time, a stranger’s chuckle will get in my thoughts, recalling simply the center of a joke you as soon as advised me. And each little time, I’ll cry. It mystifies the completely satisfied man whose chuckle was half the explanation why a coronary heart can break at any little time. Fearsome. Tears come. Allow them to stream. Any little time, could possibly be the underside of the ninth…


BRIGER: That is FRESH AIR. I am Sam Briger, sitting in right this moment for Terry Gross. Let’s get again to the interview I recorded with the music duo Rachael & Vilray, who additionally carried out a few of their songs, songs written by Vilray and influenced by the music of the ’30s and ’40s. They’ve a brand new album known as “I Love A Love Track.” Let’s take heed to a track from it known as “Why Do I?”


RACHAEL AND VILRAY: (Singing) Oh, the dominion of the animals is huge. Of all these little critters, not one frets in regards to the previous. After which there’s me pondering continually of all these completely satisfied days that did not final. Every darling songbird sings songs with out singing of affection. The tiger and the lion do not want shoulders to cry on, so why do I? Clams, to my data, do not sigh. And owls ain’t left questioning, why? Every time their fellow flies out, they needn’t weep their eyes out, so why do I? The Bible taught man calls the photographs for each beast and hen. However I’ve listened onerous in my yard and that is what I’ve heard. Bees don’t desire flowеrs who shout. And lies will not win love from the trout. Thе saddest armadillo will not cry into his pillow, so why do I?


BRIGER: Effectively, a special state of affairs for you, Vilray, was – I do not know if you happen to nonetheless do it, however you probably did some busking within the New York Metropolis subway stations.

VILRAY: You already know what? I ended, and I will let you know why – as a result of they introduced cell service in. And there was a magical factor that was taking place whereby you could not be reached, and it was the one place you could not be reached after they did not have cell service. And it occurred many occasions that folks would come as much as me, having waited quarter-hour for a prepare and heard three songs, and they’d come as much as me with, like, tears of their eyes, having simply been damaged up with or within the midst of falling in love with anyone and simply been like, I can not consider what a touching expertise I simply had musically. And that was, like, such a excessive, clearly, for me.


VILRAY: And as soon as they introduced cellphones in, that actually went away.

BRIGER: Actually.

VILRAY: And so did I.

BRIGER: Was {that a} approach to type of simply get your chops up, your velocity, after not enjoying for a very long time?

VILRAY: Completely, yeah. You already know, the reverberation in there actually make you need to, like, attain and sing strongly. And yeah, it was a good way to study songs.

BRIGER: Did you’ve gotten a favourite cease or station?

VILRAY: Yeah, the Metropolitan cease on the G prepare.

BRIGER: And why was that?

VILRAY: That is form of the place everybody goes. It is a good hub. So it is the place the G prepare and the L prepare meet, so that you get quite a lot of site visitors of individuals coming from Manhattan who’ve traveled throughout city on the L and are getting on the G. And in addition, the G may be very sluggish, so folks…

BRIGER: So that you get a lingering viewers.

VILRAY: …Are standing round for a very long time. Precisely. Individuals require three – two or three songs earlier than they’re like, OK, I can not not give this individual cash – if you happen to’ve had an emotional expertise with three songs. In case you’ve had one with one, you are like, oh, God, I am actually feeling issues right this moment, you already know? However if you happen to’ve had one with three, you are like, that man is making me really feel issues.

BRIGER: After which would folks not get on their prepare and simply hang around and take heed to you?

VILRAY: Yeah, that undoubtedly occurred. And I’d get gigs, you already know, marriage ceremony gigs and stuff like that. And other people would fill me. And it was a really particular – you already know, so it was a really particular – and I performed so much with my pal, Damon Hankoff, who I went to highschool with. He performed bass with me so much. And, you already know, it was identical to a good way to study one another when it comes to our enjoying and study tunes and make preparations up. And it was actually cool.

BRIGER: You will have a track known as “Alone At Final,” which is about somebody who has some, I suppose, social nervousness. However then after they lastly discover somebody who they’re in love with, then they lastly really feel that they are alone finally. And it sounds – Rachael revealed in an interview that that is slightly bit about your self.

VILRAY: Sure. That is a track that I wrote for my fiancee. And, you already know, I do not usually – properly, I did not write it for her, however I wrote it about my emotions for her. And yeah, I am uncomfortable round folks. And as a New Yorker, I believe many New Yorkers are type of neurotic people who find themselves uncomfortable round folks. And I believe it might probably come off as not fairly – I do not know, grumpiness possibly. So I am typically grumpy, however my fiancee form of places me at peace. I’ve had quite a lot of suggestions from introverted individuals who say, properly, that is how I really feel too. So I believe I hit on one thing.

BRIGER: Would you guys thoughts simply doing a number of strains of that?

PRICE: Positive.

RACHAEL AND VILRAY: (Singing) As soon as was agoraphobic. Occasions Sq. would make me gasp. I let full trains go previous. With you, I really feel alone finally.

BRIGER: Yeah. That is great. How does your uncomfortableness round crowds have an effect on performing reside?

VILRAY: You already know what? I like it. I can not fairly clarify it. And possibly finally I’ll come to hate it. However I believe there’s one thing about having a stranger say that they’ve touched you – touched them that may be very fulfilling for me. And it is so simple as that.

BRIGER: When Rachael stated that she wished to sing with you, did you begin writing items particularly for her?

VILRAY: You already know, I believe I began off simply type of writing. Rachael was speaking about, like, studying Ella Fitzgerald and studying Sarah Vaughan. And I believe I used to be like, very dedicated to the concept I must be very pure and write for folks of the period. And so I used to be writing Sinatra songs and Fat Waller songs and Billie Vacation songs and Peggy Lee songs. And I believe that is how I did it for a very long time. And we definitely sing quite a lot of these songs. However I believe “Alone At Final” is a track for Rachael. And I believe now we have a track known as “With out A Thought For My Coronary heart,” which I undoubtedly wrote with Peggy Lee in thoughts, however with additionally understanding that Rachael would not sing like Peggy Lee fairly often and that I believe she would kill it singing like Peggy Lee, form of in a weak, whispering, mushy area. And it took us some time to get to that place within the recording studio the place she felt comfy doing it. Nevertheless it’s every little thing I dreamed of once I was writing that track. And it is not precisely what you’ll consider as a Rachael Worth track, however I believe it is, like, precisely what I consider as a great interpretation.

BRIGER: Effectively, it has been such a pleasure to speak with you guys, and I’ll ask you to do another track. And, Vilray, it is a track that you just simply talked about, which was “With out A Thought For My Coronary heart.” You stated it is a track that you just wrote eager about Peggy Lee?

VILRAY: Yeah. She has a really tender, very quiet approach of singing that’s extremely all hers. And it is my platonic ultimate of what romantic feminine crooning is. So, yeah, that is – I wrote it with that concept.

BRIGER: Effectively, why do not we hear it? However earlier than we do, I simply need to thanks each a lot for approaching the present. Rachael, Vilray, thanks very a lot for being on FRESH AIR.

VILRAY: Thanks for speaking with us.

PRICE: Thanks very a lot.

(Singing) We all the time knew that I used to be too younger for something past simply your egocentric little bit of enjoyable. Proper from the beginning and not using a thought for my coronary heart. You held me close to and easily whispered that we must be so glad for the moments that we had. We knew you’d half and not using a thought for my coronary heart. Now ain’t the time for pondering. I ought to have performed my pondering months in the past. I could not know which man’s price protecting, however now I certainly know the sort who should go. A parting kiss. With this, I crumble. And all my fantasies are scattered by the breeze. I performed my half and not using a thought for my coronary heart. It wasn’t sensible. It wasn’t sensible. I performed my half and not using a thought for my coronary heart.

BRIGER: That was Rachael Worth singing and songwriter Vilray on guitar from their self-titled debut album, “Rachel & Vilray,” which got here out in 2019. Their new album is named “I Love A Love Track!” Arising, Maureen Corrigan opinions “This Different Eden” by Paul Harding, who received a Pulitzer Prize for his debut novel. Additionally, Justin Chang opinions the brand new movie “Ladies Speaking,” in regards to the response of a bunch of ladies to the sexual violence of their non secular neighborhood. That is FRESH AIR.


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