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Joyous Arrival Of Rockhopper Penguin Chicks

Within the final weeks of spring, a complete of six Rockhopper penguin chicks have hatched. Now you can see the offspring within the “kindergarten” of the Polarium. Twice a day, the younger birds are fed with fish and their weight is consistently monitored. Every chick squeezes as much as 20 small herring and sprats per day. “They already weigh round one and a half kilograms. Their weight acquire is ensured by our keepers in order that the younger animals can develop healthily. The chicks are nonetheless carrying a dune gown that’s not water-repellent. Due to this fact, their enclosure has no entry to the water basin. Solely once they have the primary moult behind them, swimming makes an attempt are dared. Then they arrive again to the group, as a result of even within the wild they stay collectively in massive breeding colonies,” reviews Zoo Director Stephan Hering-Hagenbeck.




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