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Are Hammerhead Worms Unhealthy for Your Yard?

What’s formed like a shark, has toxins, and regenerates when reduce in half? In case you mentioned hammerhead worms, you’d be right! 

These creepy creatures have a head that appears like a half-moon and a flatworm physique. They eat many backyard bugs that dwell within the soil and may damage your yard not directly in the event that they dwell in your floor. 

Our useful information appears at every little thing you must find out about this disagreeable worm and what you are able to do to eliminate it. 

Sorts of Worms 

Worms are a standard a part of any backyard. They assist break down the soil and are important to the well being of your yard. Though there are literally thousands of kinds of worms, some are extra widespread than others. 

Compost Worm

Yow will discover these worms in manure piles or rotting leaves. They eat natural matter and assist compost it. 

Earth Employee Worms 

You’ll see these worms should you dig up the soil in your backyard. They like to eat leaves and search for meals at evening. 

Anecic Earthworms

These earthworms depart mounds of grime at their tunnel entrances. They carry soil into their burrows and eat it there. What they digest places important vitamins again into the bottom. 

Hammerhead Worm 

Hammerhead worms are in contrast to different earthworms. They develop as much as fifteen inches lengthy and are often brown, inexperienced, grey, or gold. 

These worms dwell in excessive humid areas like tropical places. You’ll typically see these at evening or after very heavy rain. 

They’re carnivores and kill utilizing a toxin. Hammerhead worms stun their favourite meal, earthworms, after which eat them. This toxin may cause delicate irritations of the pores and skin should you contact it. 

Are Hammerhead Worms Unhealthy for Your Yard

If in case you have these worms in your yard, they could hurt it not directly. The tunneling of those worms gained’t injury the yard, however the hammerhead worm’s urge for food could. 

Earthworms assist hold soil wholesome, so hammerhead worms can hurt the earth once they eat all these worms. An absence of earthworms can even hold your crops from rising wholesome and robust. 

You possibly can inform in case you have hammerhead worms should you slime trails or purple or black eggs. These worms additionally cover underneath rocks and logs or different damp locations. 

Hammerhead Worm Pest Management

If in case you have a hammerhead worm drawback, you’ll be able to take steps to eliminate them. You possibly can seal the worms in a plastic bag and throw the bag away. Salt can even dry the worm out and successfully kill it. 

In case your worm drawback is important, it’s time to name a garden pest service in. Professionals like those at Holmes Garden & Pest may also help you deal with the issue. 

Preserve Your Yard Lovely by Getting Rid of Hammerhead Worms 

If you wish to forestall hammerhead worms from entering into your soil, keep on with potted crops and sod. These worms don’t transfer quick, so it is best to have the ability to eliminate them should you see them. 

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